Rahmah Khamis, a 61 years old is another cancer survivor. She discovered she had cancer a few years ago. Rahmah was diagnosed with a germ cell tumour, a type of ovarian cancer, which is common among woman.

She found about this disease when she had a medical examination because of she did not stop having menstrual cycles. At first, Rahimah depend solely on medication and over the time the tumour has begun to spread and needed a surgery.

Rahimah has to ride a motorcycle to get a treatment at the hospital. However, with a little help from Tunku Laksamana Johor Cancer Foundation, (TLJCF), she can stay at “Kompleks Onkologi Yayasan Tunku Laksamana Johor (KOYTLJ). At “KOYTLJ”, all the transportations are provided.

Now she had to undergo a several radiotherapy treatments. Her advices to all cancer survivors out there are to keep strong and have a faith.